Owning a guinea pig is a great way to bond with an animal that is playful and adorable. They are herd animals and have no trouble integrating with other pets. Choosing one or two mainly depends on the animal and the owner’s preference. A guinea pig can be very social, so choosing two is good if you’d like to socialize with both.

Taking Care Of Your Pet

While the guinea pig will happily sit on your lap, it may urinate on the paper or newspaper you’re reading. You may also notice that your pet gnaws on your clothes or is incredibly affectionate. This is an indication that it has teeth problems. Inspect your guinea pig for these behaviours and address them as soon as you see them.

Guinea Pig

You should regularly brush your guinea pig’s fur for lice or other parasites. Long hair can mat and become painful for your pet. Regular brushing will ensure that your pet has a beautiful coat free of mats. Make sure to take it to the vet for regular checkups to prevent problems such as infection and de-matting. You should also check the length of the guinea pig’s nails.

When feeding your guinea pig, ensure it has plenty of clean water and food. Fresh grass is another option. New grass has a therapeutic effect on some guinea pigs. Remember, they are herbivores and should not be given food with meat. Sour milk and cheese are not suitable. You may want to avoid areas where dogs or livestock roam.

Your guinea pig should get fresh vegetables and fruit at least once daily. You should also be wary of certain foods as these contain excessive amounts of Vitamin C. If you notice your guinea pig suddenly stops eating after a while, take it to the vet. It may be suffering from a severe disease.

You can keep a guinea pig away from your children and pets if it is suffering from diarrhea. It is essential to weigh your pet often to ensure that they have enough food to sustain their daily needs.

Guinea Pig

Feed your guinea pig quality hay and give them a supplement of vitamin C to improve the digestive system. Your pet will love you for it! When you feed your pet, wash your hands thoroughly after handling them to avoid transferring any disease to the human host.

Getting a Pet

A guinea pig makes a great pet for kids. Kids will love being around their pet pig, as they aren’t as fragile as rabbits. Children can be handled and trained by children and are generally friendly and social animals. They will often recognize you and squeak when you approach them. Moreover, guinea pigs form strong bonds with their caretakers.

Before adopting a pet guinea pig:

  1. Ensure you know about the pig’s health and past.
  2. Ask the vet if the guinea pig has ever had any health problems or suffered from any injury.
  3. Check the sex of your pet pig.

Go to a pet store, like Concord Pets Store, to get advice and maybe even go home with a new pet.

A female guinea pig should be at least six weeks old. Do not try to play with your pet if it is pregnant.

A guinea pig’s life expectancy is six years, significantly shorter than most other pets. However, some live as long as 15 years. Although their lifespan is low, guinea pigs often exhibit signs of happiness whenever they hear their names or feel their presence. 

These animals tend to form strong relationships with their owners and can become the centre of fascination in the home. Unlike other pets, guinea pigs live in a cage, although they can be let out occasionally to play or cuddle.

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