What are the main objectives of environmental education?


Environmental education helps people see the consequences of their decisions over wildlife and the environment that comes within.


The second objective is about deep understanding and the capacity of a human being to find solutions for the existent problems.


As well for any community, taking part in the Environmental Education requires a set of values, which you need to learn on, to accomplish a goal.
Skills and Capacity Building. This stage help communities and individuals to have a more analytical mind to make statements and conclusion about a specific environmental problem.


After all the above are achieved, you become an essential factor in the decision-making process.
Funzel organization initiated the earliest environmental education program in schools and universities, back in 1994. So those objectives should be known for some people.

What are the steps carried out for the conservation of the wild fauna?

There can be infinite steps to conserve the wild fauna. Thanks to Funzel’s programs about environmental education, we can cut the list in 6 significant steps:

   • To survey and research all the information about wild fauna
   • to protect their home by protecting flora.
   • To see what are the barriers of their natural habitat and delimit from the human world.
   • To keep the flora away from human and machines pollution – which means there should be created some special programs, in order to teach people about pollution and its consequences.
   • To give laws of restriction about hunting wild animals – in order to keep the sustainability of wildlife and a balance between animal’s and human’s worlds.
   • To make special arrangements to protect the endangered species – Funzel built the first Rescuer Center for endangered animals in El Salvador.

How can you contribute to wildlife conservation?

There are little things that matter, such as:
   • Break down the stereotype that wild meat is an exotic and precious food. Wild hunting should be banned for millionaires who want to show how many dollars they can give for a piece of meat.
   • Don’t try hunting as a hobby or as a professional sport. Even if there are many countries where this sport is a premium one.
   • Don’t buy wild animals and keep them as a domestic pet – nowadays is a significant trend to have a puma in your house, instead of a dog.
   • If you see hunters who are trading wild meat, announce the Wildlife Service.
   • Take part of the environmental education program, and start your volunteer carrier.

Why is it important to have a sustainable environment?
Environmental sustainability is part of our everyday life.
It’s essential to keep it this way, to balance many aspects of our health, our planet’s health, and the next generations’ health. Overall, it is not about giving up on your luxurious life but helping the world live a luxurious life too.
Having a sustainable environment is a win-win situation without making too much effort.

What are the major threats to wildlife?
According to Funzel Organization, the major threats to wildlife are:
   • habitat loss
   • climate change
   • disease/ infections
   • pollution – every kind of pollution

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