Wild Animal Veterinary Management
Case studies concerning the physical and behavioural rehabilitation
of macaws, parrots, owls and other birds of prey, monkeys, cats, lizards
and turtles.

Human attitudes towards wildlife: keeping exotic wild animals as pets
in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Monitoring the free-living populations of the paraqueets (Aratinga
strenua y A. holochlora) in urban area of Antiguo Cuscatl√°n,
El Salvador.

Environmental Education
Talks and lectures regarding the importance of conserving
wild animals as an element for sustainable development.

Interactive environmental talks given to local communities, school
children and private enterprise personnel.

Talks given to custom and other official employees regarding the Convention
on International Trade in Endangered Species CITES.

Participation in the elaboration and
lobbying for laws and regulations for the conservation and sustainable
use of biodiversity.