The Zoological Foundation of El Salvador (FUNZEL) is an active non-profit, non-governmental research and wildlife conservation-oriented organization established in 1989, acquiring legal status in 1992. Mission: Contribute to the conservation of wild fauna through local development solutions. Vision: Continue to be the leading organization focused on the management of confiscated endangered species in compliance to international and national legislation and foster sea turtle conservation throughout El Salvador.

  1. Beach cleaning up day: Cleaning up to 2 kms of coastal areas along with communities where FUNZEL has operations: groups of 30 – 50 persons. Cost $300.00. FUNZEL provides:
    1. Instructions and guidance talk about solid waste
    2. Garbage bags
    3. Gloves
    4. Hydration
  2. Marine turtle nest adoptions: In San Diego, San Blas and other beaches subject to our reproduction sites. $300.00 groups of 30 persons. FUNZEL provides:
    1. Logistic
    2. Technical lecturer explaining marine turtles biology
    3. Sites of release: San Blas Beach, San Diego Bocana, both in La Libertad and Isla Tasajera (at this site a boat from mainland to the island is required).
  3. Collecting boxes “Piggy Banks”: for small commercial business, classrooms. During the school year and will be picked up by FUNZEL at Christmas time.
  4. Ecological tours: FUNZEL will lead you through an experience in mangrove and crocodile sightseeing. It is a very nice experience for family groups and private companies. Budget will be estimated according to number of participants. Could include lunch, and transportation.
  5. Environmental Education awareness conferences for special groups: “your carbon footprint” Your decision. One-hour awareness lecture about our habits and attitudes toward environment, in San Salvador and other cities. Budget will be estimated according the transportation to the city or number of conferences requested.