If you want to help conserve our wild endangered species
you can become an active member of FUNZEL in the following areas:

Management of wild animals in the Rescue Center
Scientific research related to the veterinary management, biology
and ecology of wild species.
Environmental education programes
Advocacy and promotion
Contribute economically as Patron
or contributing members!

You can make your payments directly
to FUNZEL or to deposit in to the Agricola Bank, number of account: 749
033 097-5


Your annual donation in US dollars
will be of:

$ 12,000.00 Jaguar
$ 10,000.00 Red parrot
$ 8,000.00 Eagle crest
$ 5,000.00 Spider monkey
$ 2,000.00 Owl
$ 1,000.00 Squirrel

Contributing members

Your annual donation in US dollars will
be of:
$300.00 ____ $200.00____ $100.00____
another quantity____

You call us or write us to:
phone: (703) 262-1817
E- mail: funzel@funzel.org

Support our endangered fauna !