Claudia Vega

Address: Col. La Sultana,
Ave. Antiguo Cuscatlán,
No. 25, San Salvador
Phone: 243 7009
CelL. 908 2544

Veterinarian graduated from Universidad San Carlos,
Guatemala; with a strong interest in the management and conservation
of wild species. She currently works for FUNZEL acting as Director
and Veterinarian for its Wildlife Rescue Center, where she is responsible
for the well being of the incoming animals, veterinary care and
environmental education activities.

Her experience with zoo animals (anaesthesia, preventive medicine,
emergencies, and intensive care) was acquired through the development
of various projects in the National Zoo El Salvador, the Zoological
Park at Chapultepec, México and the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.

She has taken several courses in wildlife management
through Envirovet- Brasil 2003, where a series of conferences were
given regarding the roll of the veterinarian in ecosystem conservation,
sustainable use of wild animals and ecotourism as a way to promote

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