Carlos Roberto Hasbun, Ph. D.
Independent Consultant / Researcher on Biodiversity
7a Calle Pte. No. 5150, San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel: (903) 263-1071

American/Salvadoran biologist dedicated to the conservation
of biodiversity, with extensive experience in the administration
of both governmental and NGO programs geared to the conservation
of wildlife and protected areas in several countries in Latin America,
Caribbean and Middle East.

Fully bilingual (Spanish and English) and educated
in the United States of America (B.Sc. Animal Science) and in England
(M.Sc. Biodiversity; Ph.D. Molecular Ecology), became a Global 500
Laureate from the United Nations Environmental Program for developed
initiatives in favour of Central American Wildlife and Wildlands.

Member of the World Commission on Protected Areas,
and the Marine Turtle Specialist Group, both from the UICN. Founder
and President of the Zoological Foundation of El Salvador, Central
America and its Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

Developed consultancy work for USAID, UICN, UNESCO,
PNUD, Ministry of the Environment from El Salvador, related to the
technical and administrative management issues on biodiversity.

Scientific interests include evolutionary processes
of species through the Mesoamerican land bridge (mtDNA phylogeography),
marine invertebrate ecology in coral reefs and sea turtle conservation

Has published more than 25 scientific articles on journals such
as Intl. J. of Tropical Biology, Comparative Haematology, J. of
Wildlife Rehabilitation, Herpetozoa, Aquatic Conservation Marine
and Freshwater Ecosystems, J. Wildlife Diseases, Senckenbergiana
Biológica; more than 60 technical reports, 2 coloring books
and multiple articles on the public press.

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