The foundation has strategic allies whose participation is essential to the implementation of the activities of Sea Turtle Conservation.

Government Institutions

  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources – MARN
  • The relationship with the Ministry of Environment started when the Ministry was founded. FUNZEL collaborates with the Ministry in the implementation of the Wildlife Act through the National Wildlife Rescue System. In addition, the foundation has signed a technical cooperation agreement with MARN for the consolidation and strengthening of the Sea Turtle Conservation National Program.

  • National Civil Police, Environmental Unit
  • As part of the agreement with MARN, FUNZEL coordinates with the PNC, Environmental Unit – DMA, issues related to the conservation of Sea Turtles. In addition, FUNZEL supports the Police in the implementation of the National Wildlife Rescue System, training agents of the Environmental Unit.

  • Municipality of Puerto El Triunfo
  • • Municipality of Puerto El Triunfo
    The municipality supports FUNZEL by financing the salaries of the managers of the hatcheries located in Ceiba Doblada, Corral de Mulas and El Icaco.

  • Municipality of San Luis Talpa
  • FUNZEL, together with the Municipality operates the hatchery in El Pimental. The Mayor, Don Salvador A. Menendez promotes the conservation of Sea Turtles that nest on the beaches of San Luis Talpa and promotes tourism in the area.

Private organizations

  • Veterinary Clinic Merliot
  • The veterinary clinic supports FUNZEL in the wildlife recovery efforts and veterinary research. Doctors Ciudad Real are strongholds in the conservation efforts carried out by Dr. Abel, one of the Foundation founders.

  • One of our allies in the conservation of Sea Turtles in Los Cobanos, FUNDARRECIFE administers the zone’s hatchery, and together with FUNZEL perform scientific research and conservation measures in this important reef of the Central Pacific.

  • This association is involved in the management of the hatchery located in Tasajera Island.

  • Shaw’s
  • Thanks to the sale of FUNZEL’s branded chocolates, Shaw’s collaborates with the different conservation programs carried out by the foundation.

Asociaciones comunitarias

One of the results of Community Development component of the program was the establishment of associations for Sea Turtle Conservation in several of the beaches where hatcheries exist. FUNZEL supported a training process for the communities that were already working on the initiative and with the effort and organization of men and women; the associations were constituted and are funded by FUNZEL for the management of the hatcheries.

In some cases, the work is done with the support of Community Development Organizations that already existed in the area.

During the 2013 season, the foundation worked with 7 associations:

  • Association for the Conservation of Sea Turtles of Barra de Santiago – ACOTOMBAS
  • Association for the Conservation of Sea Turtles of Playa San Blas – ACOTOMSAB
  • Association for the Conservation of Sea Turtles of Playa San Diego – ACOTOMSAD
  • Association for Community Development of the Pirraya Island, San Dionisio – ADESCOPI
  • Association for the Conservation of Sea Turtles of Playa Isla de Méndez – ACOTOMIM
  • Association for Community Development “Z” Ceiba Doblada, Puerto El Triunfo – ADESCO Z