FUNZEL is currently working with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) and the Environmental Police (Division of the National Police, PNC), to provide technical assistance if required. Therefore, all wildlife in need of attention must be first reported to either of these entities mentioned above. If necessary, FUNZEL will be contacted.

To report any wildlife in need of help, please contact the following numbers:

MARN: 2132-9951

PNC: 2132-0800

FUNZEL, in its role as El Salvador’s Zoological Foundation works towards conserving wildlife animals, therefore, we support and take part on taking care of different types of wild birds (parrots, macaws, hawks, owls, etc.), reptiles (lizards, snakes, land and sea turtles, etc.) and mammals (bats, primates, wild cats, etc.).

Our role can refer to visit any established collection, as we frequently do with the San Lorenzo Ecological Park in Santa Ana or to the wildlife refuge of LA GEO and also to attend the stranding of Marine Species and provide veterinary attention if wounded free-living animals require it. This last part is done with the support of the Veterinary Clinic “Merliot”.

As El Salvador’s Zoological Foundation, one of our current main priorities is to have our own rescue center, in order to be able to carry out our mission to provide a space for recovery and rehabilitation for any animal in need of veterinary attention. Also, to offer a space for people to visit us and to interact with native species in recovery and/or that are endangered; in this sense, we are developing projects that will lead to the construction of our rescue center and if you are interested to collaborate in funding or know someone who can help, contact us, our wildlife will thank you.