Environmental education is one of the main focuses in every activity of the Foundation. All our work has as one of its goals to educate people about the conservation of wildlife, from those “unsightly” individuals as snakes and bats, to the charismatic wildlife such as turtles and otters. This allows us to demystify wildlife, discuss its benefits to our lives and allows us to change behavior patterns towards them.

When the Sea Turtle Program (2009) about 98% of the sea turtle eggs were not being protected and probably most of them were being consumed. Now the perception has changed, and a large majority of Salvadorans known that to eat turtle eggs is bad for the ecosystem and the human being itself. For 2012, we estimate that about 85% of the eggs were being protected, yet the black market continues, but now it’s marginal. The great battle to transform El Salvador has already been won and there is no way to go back.

The Releasing of Sea Turtles is one of the most important elements of environmental education. The experience of sharing with one of the most beautiful individuals of the ocean is unique and transformative. There is no person, who after having a turtle in his hands and returns it to the sea, does not become a conservationist. That is why this instrument has been promoted using both national and international guidelines to ensure that this experience, besides being enriching is also safe for wildlife.

Besides all of this, our environmental education program includes presentations to schools, universities and businesses on the protection of wildlife, environmental transformation of its institutions, recycling guides and guidelines, low power consumption and water saving. Any measure that you from your home or business can do to conserve wildlife, help you become useful and integral citizens for the future of El Salvador.

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