As part of the community strengthening, FUNZEL promotes tourism activities related to sea turtles that allow generating sustainable economic alternatives to the conservation of natural resources and local development.

Be a part of the experience of releasing sea turtle hatchlings and give a gift to the sea. Restore hope for the Turtles by supporting public awareness. Contact us to the phone number 2566-6148 to coordinate visits to the beach of your choice.

Releases are performed with the “Ridley” species in the cool times of the morning and sometimes at sunset, so the Turtle dehydration is avoided and their chances of surviving are increased. The person in charge of the Hatchery directs the releasing session by delimiting a beach area with yellow tape or ropes, where the sea turtles are returned to the ocean. Before the release, hands should be washed with fresh water that you’ll find in a container on the side of the delimited area.

On every beach where FUNZEL works, you can take Sea Turtles Releasing Tours, and we also recommend the following tours in Barra de Santiago and Los Cobanos:

Barra de Santiago

  • Sailing in the Mangrove area to observe Crocodiles.
  • Releasing Sea Turtles into the Ocean.

Los Cóbanos

Los Cobanos 02
  • Observation of diverse Sea Fauna.
  • Snorkeling in the Coral Reef.
  • Hiking around the Mangrove Ecosystem area.
  • Releasing of Sea Turtles into the Ocean.
  • Snorkeling in the “Sheriff Gone” shipwreck.
  • Night Hike on the Sea Turtles’ Nesting beaches.
  • SCUBA Diving tours.
  • Sport fishing.
  • Traditional Artisanal Fishing.
There are several alternatives for accommodation in hotels, like “Los Cobanos Village Lodge Hotel”, that provides the necessary facilities to enjoy nature.