To get to know the world, you have to live and share with its people. When you are back from El Salvador, you can truly say that you know it from the inside, its people, the ocean, the wildlife … There is no better experience than to share a fish to the fisherman who you helped catching it.

You can participate in Turtle Releasing Sessions, night patrols and observation, learn Spanish, take diving lessons, work in a sea turtles hatchery, or simply to share time with a community in one of the beautiful beaches of the Pacific.

You may decide between staying a beautiful white sand beach where you can observe Whales and practice snorkeling on a coral reef or staying in a mangrove where you can see alligators and crocodiles, or staying in our “Tortuguero Camp”, where if you are lucky you could help the veterinary team with our Rescued Sea Turtles.

You have the option of participating in one of our courses. Some of them are:

  • Conservation of Sea Turtles in the northeastern Pacific.
  • Rays and their role in the ecosystem.
  • Veterinary Medicine for Sea Turtles.
  • Management and administration of rescue centers.